Rural Society Upliftment Forum (RUSUF) Nepal was registered at District Administration Office Banke in 2064 B.S. and Social Welfare Council Kathmandu in 2065 B.S. It is a non-profitable and socially dedicated non-organization. It was established by five social leaders in 2063 B.S. with the vision of social justice, development, and human right, and peace, inclusive and prosperous society. It was established to respond the needs and demand of rural communities. At present there are 75 members involved in this organization.

This organization was established by youth leaders who wanted to change backward Madhesi, Muslim and indigenous communities who suffered from discrimination from the advantaged societies for years.

S.N Particulars  
1 Name of Organization Rural Society Upliftment Forum (RUSUF)–Nepal
2 Established Date 2063 B.S.
3 Board Member 9 person
4 Address of Organization Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan city-6
5 D.A.O Registration 895/064/065
6 S.W.C. Kathmandu Registration 25138
7 PAN no. 302948754
8 Contact Person  Mustaq Ali Rai
9 Phone no. 081-527833
10 Contact no. 9858022074
11 E-mail ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
12 General Membership 75 Person
13 No. of Employee 4
14 No. of Complete Project  38
15 No. of Operating Project 2
16 Working Area Mid-Western Development Area
17 Organizational Renewal Date 15 July 2017
18 Organizational Audit Report Date